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Integrating Jira with Slack

In this tutorial we will create an incoming web-hooks in order to integrate Jira with slack. Tips for reading this tutorial, I would suggest you read this tutorial step by step and I hope you will enjoy it too.


  1. Slack [ https://slack.com/ ]
  2. Jira [ https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/ ]


  1. Integrating Jira with Slack using web-hooks
  2. Example Notification

Integrating Jira with Slack using web-hooks

Slack Part

  1. Go to "https://{yourSlackName}.slack.com/services/new" f:id:k_chindamaikul:20151118132228p:plain

  2. Search for Jira service f:id:k_chindamaikul:20151118132126p:plain

  3. Click view

  4. Choose your slack's channel f:id:k_chindamaikul:20151118132525p:plain

  5. Click "Add Jira integration"

  6. Fill all the integration settings form

  7. Copy Webhook URL (This URL will generate automatically)

Jira Part

  1. Go to your Jira page

  2. In your JIRA account, click on System in the Administration menu. f:id:k_chindamaikul:20151118133558p:plain

  3. Click on Webhooks in the sidebar under Advanced.

  4. Click the Create a Webhook button to display the webhook creation form.

  5. Choose a name and add Webhooks-URL (from the Slack Part) f:id:k_chindamaikul:20151118134155p:plain

  6. Done

Example notification from Jira

The ticket [PFT-36] in Jira had resolved f:id:k_chindamaikul:20151118135336p:plain