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Integrating Slack with Stash

In this tutorial we will create an incoming web-hooks in order to integrate slack with other tools such as stash. Tips for reading this tutorial, I would suggest you read this tutorial step by step and I hope you will enjoy it too.


  1. Slack [ https://slack.com/ ]
  2. Stash [ https://tool.devsep.com/stash/projects ]


  1. Integrating Stash with Slack using web-hooks
  2. An Example of Stash Notification

Integrating Stash with Slack using web-hooks

Configure Slack

1.Go to https://slack.com/apps/A0F7XDUAZ-incoming-webhooks

2.Sign-in and Install incoming-webhooks

3.Click Configure, then click "Add a new configuration" f:id:k_chindamaikul:20160212151448p:plain

4.Choose your slack's channel f:id:k_chindamaikul:20160212151627p:plain

5.Click "Add Incoming webhooks integration"

6.Fill all the integration settings form

7.Copy Webhook URL (This URL will generate automatically) f:id:k_chindamaikul:20160212151823p:plain

Configure Stash

1.Access to stash web interface and go to your repository

2.Settings -> Slack Settings [In ADD-ONS row] f:id:k_chindamaikul:20160212153955p:plain

3.Fill all the configuration form

4.Fill Webhook Url parameter with your Slack webhook url from the Slack configuration part

5.Click Save f:id:k_chindamaikul:20160212154314p:plain

An Example of Stash Notification